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Organizations that support research, innovation, entrepreneurs, and communities (collectively defined as innovation intermediaries) are constantly asked to demonstrate their impact on their clients and the economy.  However, accurately capturing this impact is complex and efforts to do so frequently fail.    
At TEN, we've helped over 100 organizations like yours demonstrate the impact of their unique support and services.  The selection of an assessment approach depends on your evaluation goals.  TEN offers a variety of approaches from targeted network analysis pieces, to summarizing impact profiles appropriate for communicating impact to external stakeholders, to an in-depth impact assessment report that provides deep insight into the mechanisms of impact at play within your organization.
For more information about TEN's impact assessment methodology download our white paper here
Choose from our service offerings to find the best fit for your organization:

TEN's most in-depth offering - providing evidence of impact based on feedback received from your clients, partners, or members served.  The reports describe which innovation investments are working, and which investments are not.  


Learn more about TEN's Impact Assessment Reports.

Notebook & Pad

Infographics designed specifically to demonstrate your key areas of impact.  TEN’s impact profiles are a powerful visual representation of your impact story.  

Learn more about TEN's Impact Profiles. 

Analyzing the data

Compare your organization to your peers, track year-over-year improvements, or compare the results of internal programs against one another.  

Learn more about TEN's Impact Benchmarking.


Evaluations based on RCTs provide highly reliable evidence of the effectiveness of interventions and represent the gold standard in program evaluation.  RCTs may be possible for large programs, with many eligible participants and where randomization of program support is possible.  Regardless of whether an RCT is right for your organization, our network of leading researchers is ready to help design and deploy an appropriate evaluation strategy for your organization. 

Learn more about TEN's advanced evaluation offerings.

Flow Chart

TEN uses this increasingly popular technique to capture the role that your organization has played in facilitating connections throughout your network.  

Learn more about TEN's Social Network Analysis.


Impact case studies offer organizations like yours an opportunity to demonstrate their impact in a compelling and memorable format.  Based on in-depth client interviews, case studies tell the story of key clients and the integral role your organization has played in their success. 

Contact TEN to learn more about our Impact Case Studies.

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