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The Evidence Network Inc. (TEN) is internationally recognized as the industry leader in impact assessments by notable organizations such as The Center for American Progress.  This position of leadership stems from our sole focus on conducting impact assessments for innovation intermediaries, both large and small, across North America, Europe, and Asia. TEN has evaluated more than 100 business and research support programs, including incubators, accelerators, innovation funding programs, research and development organizations, health sciences institutes, economic development organizations, and technology transfer and commercialization organizations.

TEN is the brainchild of Dr. Brian Barge and Dr. Margaret Dalziel.  With a combined 70 years in the innovation space, Brian and Margaret started a company of the type they wanted to hire, but could not find in the private sector – no one was systematically capturing the impact that innovation intermediaries were having on their clients.  TEN’s rigorous approach was developed solely to meet this need.

In 2009, the husband and wife team combined their academic knowledge and industry experience to launch The Evidence Network, a company focused on impact assessments for organizations supporting research, innovation, entrepreneurs, and communities (collectively defined as innovation intermediaries).

Since then, our passion has kept us growing, focused on providing the innovation community with accurate and defensible assessments.  We believe strongly in the work that we do and the work of our customers.

One promising approach has been developed by The Evidence Network, a Canadian firm that works with innovation intermediaries to assess their impacts along dimensions such as information flow, linkages, and services.
The Center for American Progress

Ashley Walker

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Ashley is President and COO of TEN.  She works with innovation intermediaries to measure their impact, implement evidence-based best practices, and communicate their value to funders, clients, and stakeholders. Over the course of her tenure with TEN, Ashley has led complex evaluations for a broad range of sophisticated customers.

She maintains a deep and current understanding of academic literature and best practices pertaining to innovation support mechanisms.  She has substantial experience working with large datasets and solid knowledge in socio-economic impact analysis, gained through her studies and from impact evaluations conducted at TEN.

Ashley brings experience working as a Business Analyst in both the Oil and Gas industry in Calgary, as well as the non-profit sector in Ottawa. She holds a Bachelor’s in Economics and Society from the University of Calgary, and a Master’s of Business Administration from the Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa.

Ashley is an avid cook and is always on the hunt for a great podcast recommendation.

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Brian Barge

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Brian Barge is co-founder and CEO of TEN. His contributions to impact assessments and evaluations of innovation-enabling organizations result from experiences he gained leading, managing, and directing innovation intermediaries operating across diverse sectors, including those responsible for research and technology development, health research, high performance computing, incubators and accelerators, research park administration, and regional economic development. Often in a global context, Dr. Barge has forged numerous innovative initiatives among universities, industries, and governments that have stimulated the formation and growth of countless firms. Over his career, Brian has served as President & CEO of three leading innovation intermediaries in Canada. He led CMC Microsystems (2000-2007) in its provision of advanced tools, technologies, and services for microsystems research and innovation at universities across Canada, the Ottawa Economic Development Corporation (1996-2000) in support of the growth of Ottawa’s economy, and the Alberta Research Council (1991-1996) in the development and commercialization of technology.

Brian is also a passionate gardener and hockey player.  

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Margaret Dalziel

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Margaret Dalziel is an Associate Professor with the Conrad School of Entrepreneurship and Business at the University of Waterloo, and co-founder and VP Research of TEN.  She is an active researcher and a member of the governing council of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.  An authority on the evaluation of business support programs, Margaret has served on expert panels for the Treasury Board of Canada, the Government of Ontario, the Council of Canadian Academies, the Prime Minister's Advisory Council on Science and Technology, and Statistics Canada.  

Margaret previously served on the faculty of the Telfer School of Management at the University of Ottawa, and worked in technology development and research management in the private sector, with the Canadian Space Agency, and with the Centre for Intelligent Machines at McGill University.  

Margaret holds degrees in business (PhD, UQAM; MBA, McGill), computer science (BSc, McGill), and music (ARCT, Royal Conservatory of Music of Toronto) and plays jazz piano in her spare time.

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Mimosa Zhao

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Xiao (Mimosa) Zhao is TEN's Director of Analytics.  She has substantial experience working with large datasets, and has extensive knowledge in econometrics and statistical analysis, gained through her participation in research projects at the Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa (2012-2013), and TEN (2013-present).  

Mimosa holds degrees in design and engineering (BEng, Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology), English language and literature (BA, BIFT), and innovation management (MSc, University of Ottawa).  She is currently pursuing her MBA at the Rotman School of Management (University of Toronto).

Over the course of her tenure with TEN, Mimosa has led advanced analytics projects in subjects ranging from public transit, to scaleup ecosystems, to artificial intelligence, focusing on data visualization, data integration and predictive analytics. She is most energized while exploring unchartered territory, managing research teams for success, and activating insights through both qualitative and quantitative analyses.

Outside of her work and academic conquests, Mimosa is an enthusiastic fan of both the NBA and Formula 1 racing.

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Natalie Hughes

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Natalie is TEN's Impact Analyst.  She has experience working in the fields of economic development and forestry, and has worked with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, as well as the Ministry of Northern Development and Mines.  She holds a Bachelor of Commerce from McMaster University, and two degrees from Lakehead University; an Honours Bachelor of Science in Forestry and a Master of Science in Forestry.  Natalie’s strengths in research, data analysis, and document development allow her to present valuable recommendations for innovation intermediaries.

Natalie is a lover of animals and the great outdoors. 


Susan Hickman

Susan is responsible for TEN's financials and provides administrative support to the TEN team. In addition to her role at TEN, she works in administration and finance for various small businesses and non-profit organizations in Ottawa. 

Over the past 20 years, Susan has worked for many organizations including Polaris Institute, Jack Purcell Recreation Association and the Sierra Club of Canada. 

Susan is passionate about social and environmental justice issues and she is an avid reader and watcher of all things science fiction.

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