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At TEN we've taken impact assessments to the next level.  Here are six qualities that set TEN apart:


We assess the impact of your services, funding, and facilities on multiple aspects of your clients' performance.

At TEN, we differentiate between improvements to performance that are a consequence of the support services you provide, and improvements to performance that would have occurred in your absence.  As a result, TEN reports the impact that is directly tied to the services, funding, and facilities provided by your organization.

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We make minimal assumptions, leading to accurate, reliable, and defensible assessments.

Assumptions lead to indefensible numbers in stakeholder communications. Many impact assessments lack sufficient data and instead rely on assumptions to fill in the gaps.

At TEN, a minimal reliance on assumptions is built into our approach. We believe that your clients are the best source of accurate reports of your impact on their capabilities and performance. We leverage primary data collected directly from the clients you serve, which allows us to conduct a rigorous and reliable analysis without relying on lofty assumptions or extravagant multipliers. The end result is a detailed and defensible analysis that you can confidently share with all of your stakeholders.

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At TEN, we tailor our survey to best meet the needs of your organization.

Our impact assessments are designed with you and your clients in mind. We ask simple, straightforward pairs of questions designed to easily identify your impact on your clients' performance. Our surveys are designed to put your clients in a frame of mind that will best allow them to accurately report your impact.

At TEN, we like to keep things simple and to the point. We only ask questions that are pertinent to the needs of your organization and that are essential to the assessment of impact. By keeping the client survey targeted on impact, we mitigate respondent fatigue and greatly reduce the likelihood of incomplete responses. As a result, our response rates are typically higher than the average.

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We facilitate year-over-year, peer-to-peer, and actual-to-targeted comparisons through our consistent and repeatable approach to impact assessments.

Your assessment results have more impact when compared year-over-year, with the results of your peers, or against a target. This requires a methodology that is both granular in nature, and standardized. At TEN, while your survey is customized, our measurement methodology is standardized. As a consequence, our approach is designed to be consistent and to be used in a recurring fashion.

This blend of consistency and granularity allows us to evaluate changes in the impact your organization has on your clients over time, providing useful year-over-year comparisons to monitor improvements.

Our assessments are designed to benchmark among innovation intermediaries. By asking standardized and specific questions, TEN is able to draw effective peer-to-peer comparisons and ultimately provide your organization with meaningful best practices to further enhance your performance management system.

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Our analysis is based on the statistical relationships between your program offerings and improvements to your clients’ performance.

At TEN, when we say that using your services is related to improvements in your clients’ performance – we mean it. Our assessments are rooted in statistics, rather than conjecture or extrapolations. We use linear regressions to determine which of your program offerings relate to specific outcomes for your clients.


This statistical rigour allows us to pinpoint which of your program offerings lead to the greatest return on investment (ROI). Armed with your program’s ROI, your organization will be able to tailor your offerings to best meet the needs of your clients and ultimately increase your impact.

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We know the innovation space; we have spent decades working with organizations like yours and we are focused on helping you identify your impact.

Developed from decades of experience in the innovation space, TEN's approach is specifically designed to assess the impact of innovation intermediaries. As a result, we are not shoehorning your organization into a general assessment methodology, instead we tailor our assessments to meet the unique needs of your organization. Whether you are a stakeholder looking to assess ROI, a funder evaluating a program, or an intermediary seeking funding, we have lived it and we are here to help.

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