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Your organization is unique, and your impact assessment should be as well.  Using TEN’s theory-based impact assessment approach we quantify the impact of your organization’s services and articulate your unique ability to enable innovation.


Our methodology uses carefully-designed surveys to estimate the impact of your program, by surveying your clients directly and using their expert judgment to estimate the proportion of the change in their performance that they attribute to your program. We also measure your direct impact on the capabilities of your clients, giving you a more complete, informative, and actionable picture of your program's impact. Taken together this enables us to conduct a robust contribution analysis for your program.


The diagram below represents the mechanisms through which your organization's mission is achieved. A proper understanding of your effectiveness requires data pertaining not just to your indirect impact on performance, but also to your direct impacts on clients' capabilities.




















We work with you to identify impact metrics appropriate to your organization, which are used to inform the development of an online survey. The survey data is collected and analyzed by our team of experts, and a report is produced. The report shows how your organization improves the capabilities of your clients, and how this direct impact leads to improvements in client performance, such as increases in revenues, job creation, publications, and growth. The impact of your organization on the economy and the subsequent ROI for your organization are also included in the report. Based on the assessment findings, TEN provides data-driven recommendations for 'start, stop, and continue' activities to improve your organization's impact on your clients. 

Our impact assessment methodology was designed to be customizable and can be tailored to suit your specific organization. To learn more download our evaluation methodology.

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