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The Inextricable Linkage Between Migration & Innovation

Vibrancy of innovation-centric ecosystems, and conditions that lead to their success, are areas frequently encountered by The Evidence Network Inc. (TEN).  We have conducted evaluations of over 100 organizations and programs across 15 countries that support business, research, entrepreneurs, and communities.  This has led TEN’s VP Research, Dr. Margaret Dalziel, to reflect on the important role of scientists and innovators that moved from their country of origin in support of innovation and entrepreneurship in adopted countries.  

In her recent article published by RE$EARCH MONEY, following the idea that pandemics create opportunities for new narratives and economic renewal, she concludes that migration and innovation that emerges from the devastation of the coronavirus may allow us to address social and environmental goals that have thus far seemed elusive. Read the full article here.

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