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Impacts in Indigenous Communities

In a series of bold moves, Cando (Council for the Advancement of Native Development Officers) has undertaken to determine its ‘value for money’ though independent evaluations conducted by The Evidence Network Inc. (TEN).

Cando offers programs and services to economic development officers (EDOs) in over 700 Indigenous communities across Canada. TEN’s statistical analyses reveal that EDOs, especially those certified by Cando, have made contributions to the GDP of Canada that are equivalent to four times the amount of expenditures on the salaries of these EDOs. These contributions to GDP were enabled through the significant impact Cando has had on improvements to the capabilities (strategic capabilities, Indigenous knowledge, network linkages), and performance (engagement with community and clients) of these EDOs.

See TEN's infographics capturing the impact of EDOs in Indigenous communities, and the impact of Cando on these EDOs.

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