The Evidence Network (TEN) gives Incubators and Accelerators an Impact Assessment Edge

October 20, 2013.
Dr. Brian Barge, CEO, speaks about Impact Assessment at the 2013 CABI Conference

Dr. Brian Barge, CEO, speaks about Impact Assessment at the 2013 CABI Conference

Toronto, Ontario, Canada – October 20, 2013 – The Evidence Network (TEN), a global leader in the assessment of innovation support programs, equipped Canada’s business incubators and accelerators with new impact assessment insights at the 2013 Canadian Association of Business Incubators (CABI) on October 20, 2013 in Toronto. Dr. Brian Barge, President and CEO of TEN, addressed CABI members during the Graduate and Client Metrics panel, and provided guidance that will help leaders validate and increase their impact in today’s complex and competitive innovation landscape.


During his presentation, Dr. Barge provided nine actionable recommendations that can help incubators and accelerators reliably assess the impact of their services on client companies, and leverage the resulting data to manage and report on their organizational performance. As public and private investors seek rapid and credible results from incubators and accelerators, he emphasized the need to identify specific evidence-based impacts on companies.

“Early stage companies receive support from many sources,” said Dr. Barge. “Every organization that contributes to the development of these companies may claim some part of their commercial success. Simply associating incubators with company performance, such as new jobs or annual revenues generated, does not identify specific impacts rightly attributed to them. By adopting assessment approaches that credibly attribute impact, Canadian incubators and accelerators can differentiate themselves, and use this data to continuously increase the value they deliver to client firms.”

“With the growing demand for business support across the country, it is important for incubators and accelerators to assess the impact of their services on the firms they serve,” said David McNamara, CABI President. “We are delighted to welcome TEN to the conference as a global authority in this field. Drawing on its proven methodology for impact assessment, TEN provided critical insight that will help our members make educated impact assessment decisions that strengthen their business case for investors, and their offerings to clients.”

About The Evidence Network

The Evidence Network provides assessments of the impacts that business, research, innovation, and entrepreneurship support programs have on companies. TEN elicits attributed impacts directly from client companies, and determines: Impact on companies’ resources and capabilities; Impact on companies’ performance; economic impact indicators, and the relationship between services, impact on companies’ performance, and impact on the economy.

About The Canadian Association of Business Incubators:

The Canadian Association of Business Incubation (CABI) is a national body of member organizations dedicated to supporting the growth of new and early-stage businesses. Members of the association are committed to supporting the success of business and technology incubators and their clients.

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