Impact Profile

October 19, 2013.

Facilitating innovation is extremely difficult, but absolutely essential as competitive pressures mount across industries.  Do what you do best and focus on helping innovative companies grow – let us handle the rest.

Our Impact Profile uses our proven impact assessment methodology to demonstrate the direct impact you are having on companies’ resources and capabilities, and the indirect impact you are having on companies’ performance.  TEN elicits attributed impacts directly from client companies, analyzes the data, and creates an infographic that tells your story of innovation impact.

The easiest way to describe to stakeholders how your organization is impacting company performance is to show it – using our Innovation Impact Profile.  Highlights of the infographic include:

  • Economic impact analysis and future projections – report ROI and set a benchmark to help better manage innovation and continuous improvement
  • Direct and indirect impact on company performance – impact data enables strategic business decisions to be made with confidence – learn where your organization is having the greatest impact and expand your economic development strategies
  • Client company information – quickly and efficiently tell stakeholders who your clients are and why your work is important to their continued success
  • Visibility – your successes shouldn’t be a secret – make what you do visible and transparent to all stakeholders

Use our proven impact assessment methodology and Innovation Impact Profile to chart your strategy to continued success. 

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“TEN assessed CITRIS’ impact on companies [confirming] that we are fulfilling a critical part of our mission, catalyzing the development of groundbreaking new technologies, companies and industries.”

Prof. Paul Wright

Director, CITRIS, University of California (disclaimer)