Impact Assessment

October 19, 2013.

Your organization is unique, and your impact assessment should be as well.  Using TEN’s impact assessment approach, we elicit from clients the attributed impact of your organization’s services, capturing your unique ability to enable innovation.

An online survey is administered to your clients, with TEN handling all aspects of survey delivery. Data is collected and analyzed by our team of experts, and a report is produced that describes the impact on clients that is directly attributable to your organization, and also demonstrates how your services or activities lead to client performance improvements.

TEN shows how innovation enablers improve the resources and capabilities of their clients, and how this direct impact leads to improvements in client performance, such as increases in revenues, job creation, and growth. Such performance improvement indicators not only predict attributed economic impact, but are also used to form recommendations to help you manage innovation and continuous improvement.

TEN’s Innovation Impact Assessments capture data on:

  • Attributed economic impact of all clients served – report your ROI and set a benchmark to help better manage innovation and continuous improvement
  • Impact on client performance
  • Impact on clients’ resources and capabilities
  • Relationships between services used, direct impact on resources and capabilities, and indirect impact on clients’ performance in the market – learn how your organization is impacting clients – start, stop, and continue activities to improve your economic impact
  • Client information – better understand your clients and communicate effectively with your stakeholders
  • Customer satisfaction

Our impact assessment methodology was designed to be customizable and can be tailored to suit your specific innovation investment.  Depending on the level of detail you require, we offer various levels of impact assessments. 

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“TEN plays a pivotal role in identifying Communitech’s impact on clients.  Their comprehensive analysis keeps us a step ahead in terms of improving services to clients, and increasing our impact on the Waterloo region tech ecosystem.”

Iain Klugman

President and CEO, Communitech