Uses of TEN’s Services

October 19, 2013.

There are many consulting firms that help companies improve their business capabilities. In contrast, there are no firms, to our knowledge, that focus solely on measuring innovation impact to help innovation enablers improve their impact on client companies – except for The Evidence Network.

The Evidence Network provides impartial assessments that systematically gather, analyze, and report evidence of attributed impact on companies across a range of key performance and economic development indicators.  Our assessments not only describe the degree to which an innovation enabler has had an impact on the companies it serves, but also how it has achieved that impact.

We provide innovation benchmarking services and identify best practices for improved economic impact.  Our work enables corrective actions to be made to improve programs and services, and we provide the information required to make data-driven funding decisions.

We recognize the diversity of innovation enablers and business support organizations, and understand that each organization has unique requirements.  That is why our impact assessment approach was designed to be standard, yet customizable. Our economic impact assessment methodology is suitable for all innovation enabling organizations from business incubator programs to research institutes, to economic development organizations, technology transfer, commercialization, and many more innovation enablers.

How Our Customers are Using Our Services:

Our customers receive reports that provide reliable and timely evidence of innovation enabler impact on companies that can be used for:

  • Communications – enables organizations to describe their innovation impacts to stakeholders quickly and succinctly
  • Funding decisions – used in support of data-driven funding decisions that are reliable and based on independent, 3rd party, results-driven, and actionable evidence
  • Accountability – used to report to management, Boards of Directors, and funding agents the key impacts that are directly connected to organizational missions
  • Comparisons – used to compare actual impacts to targeted impacts, compare year-over-year impacts, or compare impacts across divisions in large organizations
  • Program decision-making – actionable evidence facilitates both strategic and operational decision making; evidence enables comparisons between programs by providing clear, well structured, objective analysis of the impact of innovation investment support
  • Performance reporting – reports the impact on client companies, and shows how innovation enablers improve the resources and capabilities of client companies, and how this impact leads to improvements in company performance in the market
  • Continuous improvement – provides evidence of impact that supports an adaptive, organizational learning approach, and provides opportunities to discuss challenges and potential solutions; provides an opportunity to learn about organizational services, to learn about what works and what doesn’t, and for clients to improve services and become more efficient
  • Benchmarking – provides ability to benchmark impact against other innovation enablers, comparing programs and services against one another to find out what activities are having the greatest impact on client companies, and why
  • HR reward systems – highlights employee accomplishments by directly linking service delivery to impact
  • Economic impact analysis – demonstrates impact, for example, on company revenues, job creation and investment received, and the return on investment to all stakeholders

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“As Tekes tries to renew iteslef and change its focus it’s good to have somone from outside to evaluate the program and present facutal evidence”

Minh Lam

Senior Technology Advisor, Tekes