October 19, 2013.

How good is your program?

Benchmark your program against those of peer organizations to gauge your strengths and weaknesses. Large organizations and governments that are responsible for multiple programs can use benchmarking to better understand their portfolio of programs.

The Evidence Network benchmarks business support organizations on their inputs, activities, and impacts on client companies. Benchmarking on impacts is most critical because impact is what matters.

The Evidence Network’s benchmarking product can compare your program to its peers on metrics such as:

  • Impact on revenues
  • Impact on employment
  • Impact on exports
  • Impact on equity financing

For each of these metrics we can compare:

  • Assessments of impact that are weighted by the number of companies served (impact * # companies served)
  • Aggregates of total impact (Σ impact * current performance)
  • Benefit-cost ratios (aggregate total impact / total cost)

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generated >>

“TEN’s approach to impact assessment is a significant advance on past approaches employed here at Tekes and elsewhere.”

Dr. Raine Hermans

Director, Strategic Intelligence, Tekes