October 19, 2013.

The Evidence Network provides assessments of the impacts that innovation enablers and business support programs have on clients. TEN elicits attributed impacts directly from client clients, and determines:

  • Impact on clients’ resources and capabilities,
  • Impact on clients’ performance,
  • Economic impact indicators, and
  • The relationship between your services, impact on clients’ performance, and impact on the economy

Choose from the following impact assessment services:

  • Impact Assessments Reports that provide evidence of impact from the clients, partners, or members you serve, and describe which innovation investments are working, and which investments are not.  TEN’s Innovation Impact Assessments determine the direct impact that innovation enablers have on improving the resources and capabilities of clients, and how their services or activities help clients increase revenues, create jobs, and grow in the market. Such performance improvement indicators not only predict direct attributed economic impact, but are used to form recommendations to help you manage innovation and continuous improvement.
  • Impact Profiles Infographics designed specifically for innovation enabling organizations or programs that are used to visually represent attributed impact on clients, and attributed economic impact. TEN’s Innovation Impact Profiles help improve your stakeholders’ understanding of your impact on client performance and illustrate how you help clients succeed. Use our Impact Profile as a communication tool to tell your impact story, establish economic development best practices, and demonstrate your Return on Investment.
  • Impact Benchmarking Innovation benchmarking designed specifically for innovation enabling organizations or programs.  TEN’s Impact Benchmarking reports are designed to compare your organization or program against other innovation enablers, track year-over-year progress and improvements, and compare internal programs and services against one another.  Find out how your impacts on clients’ resources and capabilities, impact on client performance, attributed economic impact, or benefits and costs compare to others, and apply learnings across your entire organization.
  • Randomized Controlled Trials Evaluations based on Randomized Controlled Trials provide highly reliable evidence of effectiveness of interventions and represent the gold standard in program evaluation.  Our network of leading researchers is ready to help improve your program’s effectiveness, design economic development strategies, and increase overall performance.
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“The Evidence Network’s assessment of the impact of innovation intermediaries on firms is the best work I’ve seen done in this area. They are succeeding in doing what others have only talked about.”

Dr. Tom Brzustowski

Chair, Institute for Quantum Computing, University of Waterloo; former President of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC)