October 31, 2013.

Read what our customers have to say about working with TEN.


We chose TEN because of their previous experience in working with research and technology organizations (RTOs) internationally and their deep understanding of an RTO’s role in the innovation ecosystem. TEN immediately grasped our vision and offered so much more than just a client survey. TEN’s judicious advice on the type of impact assessment to conduct and the customized proposal that they provided us perfectly met our needs. TEN’s impact assessment evaluation and recommendations have informed our strategic planning, and most importantly, the findings enable us to work more effectively with our clients.

Interactions with the TEN team were extremely positive; their staff is responsive and friendly. The wrap-up seminar given to our staff to explain the purpose and outcomes of the assessment was clear, concise, and much appreciated within our organization. We are very satisfied with the results and would not hesitate to recommend TEN to other organizations.

– Dr. Julie Ducharme,

General Manager, National Research Council’s (NRC) Human Health Therapeutics


The Evidence Network’s assessment of the impact of innovation intermediaries on firms is the best work I’ve seen done in this area. They are succeeding in doing what others have only talked about.
– Dr. Tom Brzustowski

Chair, Institute for Quantum Computing, University of Waterloo; former President of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC)

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TEN assessed CITRIS’ impact on companies [confirming] that we are fulfilling a critical part of our mission, catalyzing the development of groundbreaking new technologies, companies and industries.
– Prof. Paul Wright

Director, CITRIS, University of California (disclaimer)

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TEN’s approach to impact assessment is a significant advance on past approaches employed here at Tekes and elsewhere.
– Dr. Raine Hermans

Director, Strategic Intelligence, Tekes

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TEN provided key insights that will enable us to build on program elements that have the greatest impact on corporate performance.  This information will be particularly useful when we introduce the program to firms in other countries.
– Bob Foster

Director, Global Access Program, Adjunct Professor, Technology Management, UCLA Anderson School of Management (disclaimer)

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TEN plays a pivotal role in identifying Communitech’s impact on companies.  Their comprehensive analysis keeps us a step ahead in terms of improving services to clients, and increasing our impact on the Waterloo region tech ecosystem.
– Iain Klugman

President and CEO, Communitech

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Zhejiang University Science Park

The President of the Science Park took great interest in the report as it helped us to focus on improvements to the services we offer.
– Mingguo Shao

Director, Zhejiang University Science Park


We are very impressed by the clarity of results and the way TEN’s methodology naturally leads to meaningful conclusions.
– Dr. Mario Thomas

Former Senior Vice President, Ontario Centres of Excellence


TEN helped us to gain new insights about how we impact companies during different stages of development.  This will enable us to better evolve our service offering…  we will rely on annual assessments by TEN to help track our progress.
– James Maynard

President and CEO, Wavefront

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TEN provided an analysis that was very beneficial and insightful…TTBE will continue to work with TEN to further assess the efficacy of our services on our company clients.
– Dr. Joe Irvine

Director, Technology Transfer and Business Enterprise, University of Ottawa


As Tekes tries to renew itself and change its focus it’s good to have someone from outside to evaluate the program and present factual evidence.
– Minh Lam

Senior Technology Advisor, Tekes

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