Our Purpose

October 19, 2013.

You enable innovation.  You need defensible, accurate, and comparable assessments of your impact on companies. The Evidence Network exists solely to provide standardized, yet customizable, impact assessments and economic impact analysis to meet your needs.

Organizations such as yours use TEN’s assessments to communicate attributed impact, make impact-driven funding decisions,
improve operational performance, and establish clear evidence of impact on client companies and the economy.

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Our Story

The Evidence Network is the brainchild of Dr. Brian Barge and Dr. Margaret Dalziel. After a combined 60 years in the innovation space, Brian and Margaret decided to start a company of the type they wanted to hire, but could not find in the private sector – no one was systematically capturing the impact that innovation enablers were having on their clients.  TEN’s rigorous approach was developed solely to meet this need.

In 2009, the husband and wife team combined their academic knowledge and industry experience to launch The Evidence Network, a company focused on impact assessments for innovation enablers.

Since then, our passion for the innovation space has kept us growing, as we provide the innovation community with accurate and defensible impact assessments and economic impact analyses. We believe strongly in the work that we do and the work of our clients.

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Our Expertise

TEN is internationally recognized as the industry leader in innovation impact assessments by notable organizations such as The Centre for American Progress.  This position of leadership stems from our focus on conducting impact assessments for innovation enablers, both large and small, across North America, Europe, and Asia. TEN has provided assessments to innovation enabling organizations that range from business incubator programs, research and development organizations, to innovation funding programs, and economic development organizations.

TEN’s management and team bring extensive experience, both academic and practical, in the innovation industry and as such can offer your organization an unparalleled depth of analysis.

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