Research Institutes and Networks

Research Institutes and Networks

  • Allocate your limited resources effectively to the initiatives that have the greatest impact by using our impact assessment methodology.

  • Inform your decision-making process through actionable recommendations specifically tailored to your institute or network and deeply rooted in best practices.

  • Justify continued funding by leveraging our economic impact analysis that identifies impacts on the economy that are attributed to your institute or network by your client, partner, or member companies.

  • Benchmark your institute or network by making year-over-year, peer-to-peer, or actual-to-targeted impact comparisons.

  • Demonstrate your commitment to continuous improvement to your company partners by soliciting feedback on your impact through recurring use of our easy to use program evaluation survey questions.

  • Communicate your impact to client companies and stakeholders by leveraging our impact assessments and infographic impact profiles in your external communications – showcase the effectiveness of your services.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your impact and learn how your activities and services align with your organization’s mandate to disseminate knowledge by using our logic model approach.

  • Identify areas for improvement by monitoring your programs and services regularly with our impact assessments designed specifically for your annual review cycle.

  • Distill the complexity of your work for communication to your stakeholders by leveraging our meaningful and easily understood impact assessment reports.

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    “TEN assessed CITRIS’ impact on companies [confirming] that we are fulfilling a critical part of our mission, catalyzing the development of groundbreaking new technologies, companies and industries.”

    Prof. Paul Wright

    Director, CITRIS, University of California (disclaimer)