Business Accelerators, Incubators, or Support Programs

Business Incubators and Accelerators

Are you managing a program or organization that supports innovative early-stage businesses? If so, here’s a story that will sound familiar:

You’re providing valuable services to your clients – incubation space, seed funding, research facilities, commercialization support, trade missions, promotional opportunities, access to talent – but you’re having trouble communicating the value of those services to your stakeholders. You have metrics, but you’re not sure they’re the right metrics.

You find yourself struggling to answer key questions from stakeholders, such as:

  • What is your true impact on clients ?
  • Which of your services are contributing the most to target outcomes?
  • How are you using evidence and data to improve your service offering?
  • How does your organization stack up in benchmarking comparisons with peers?
  • What results have you achieved with your current budget? Why should you receive additional funding to continue or expand your program?

Measuring the Impact of Business Incubators and Accelerators

Assessing and communicating the impact of innovation-enabling organizations is a difficult and important problem. Here at The Evidence Network Inc. (TEN), we’ve made it our mission to solve it. We have developed a unique methodology for measuring the impact of innovation intermediaries, and implemented it for a global clientele of 70+ organizations and programs.

Using our deep knowledge of the innovation space, and a unique impact assessment methodology developed and refined over seven years of experience, we partner with business incubators, accelerators, and other business support programs to deliver valid, comprehensive, and persuasive impact assessments. We help programs measure their value accurately, and then communicate that value to clients, stakeholders, and sources of funding.

We also offer the ability to benchmark your program against our global database of existing clients, giving you a valid appraisal of your performance on a wide variety of impact and performance measures.

If you would like to discuss how we can help your business support program measure and communicate its impact, contact us to schedule an introductory meeting, and download our methodology white paper below.

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“TEN plays a pivotal role in identifying Communitech’s impact on companies. Their comprehensive analysis keeps us a step ahead in terms of improving services to clients, and increasing our impact on the Waterloo region tech ecosystem.”– Iain Klugman, President and CEO, Communitech

“The Evidence Network’s assessment of the impact of innovation intermediaries on firms is the best work I’ve seen done in this area. They are succeeding in doing what others have only talked about.”

– Dr. Tom Brzustowski, former Chair, Institute for Quantum Computing, University of Waterloo; former President of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC)

“TEN provided an analysis that was very beneficial and insightful…TTBE will continue to work with TEN to further assess the efficacy of our services on our company clients.”

– Dr. Joe Irvine, Director, Technology Transfer and Business Enterprise, University of Ottawa

“TEN provided key insights that will enable us to build on program elements that have the greatest impact on corporate performance. This information will be particularly useful when we introduce the program to firms in other countries.”

– Bob Foster, Director, Global Access Program, Adjunct Professor, Technology Management, UCLA Anderson School of Management

“TEN’s impact assessment evaluation and recommendations have informed our strategic planning, and most importantly, the findings enable us to work more effectively with our clients… We are very satisfied with the results and would not hesitate to recommend TEN to other organizations.”

– Dr. Julie Ducharme, former General Manager, National Research Council’s (NRC) Human Health Therapeutics

“We are very impressed by the clarity of results and the way TEN’s methodology naturally leads to meaningful conclusions.”

– Dr. Mario Thomas, former Senior Vice President, Ontario Centres of Excellence

“TEN’s approach to impact assessment is a significant advance on past approaches employed here at Tekes and elsewhere”

– Dr. Raine Hermans, Director, Strategic Intelligence, Tekes – Finland’s Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation

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