Our Customers

The Evidence Network’s customers are funders, organizations, and programs that support business, research, innovation, and entrepreneurship. We are dedicated to providing assessments of innovation enabler impact on companies, and attributed economic impact information that demonstrates the effectiveness of innovation enabling initiatives.

The Evidence Network delivers reliable and timely evidence of impact that is both results-driven and actionable. Our services are used by:

  • Boards, executives, management, or employees of innovation enablers whose focus is on meeting objectives and improving effectiveness
  • Governments, policy, or decision makers who want to know whether innovation enablers, such as business incubator programs, are achieving their mission

Through implementation of our economic impact assessment methodology, we capture evidence directly from your client, partner, or member companies. We not only determine direct impact on companies, but also show how services and activities lead to company performance improvements. TEN’s assessments don’t just show that you are helping companies increase revenues, create jobs, and grow in the market. We also explain how you are achieving this impact, which investments are working, and which investments are not. Based on this analysis we offer recommendations to improve your programs and inform funding decisions.